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Welcome to the Onlineshop of the CCS GmbH!

Here you can order as private customer or as business customer .

Business customers are: embroidery or printing companies, advertising agencies, reseller and so on
To registrate as business customer, we need your trading license.
For that purpose register in our shop and then send your trading license
by Fax to +49 (0) 9433 901508 or by Email to

After the successful check your status will be converted to business customer. 
After the log-in you can see the business customer prices.


Our advice

Stitch Eraser

Electric Stitch Eraser

83,18 EUR
83,18 EUR per 1
Robot Frame

Robot Frame

708,05 EUR

Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e4 - Designing

4.401,81 EUR
4.401,81 EUR per 1

Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e4 - Decorating

2.259,81 EUR
2.259,81 EUR per 1

Embroidery Hoop 100 x 330 mm

94,01 EUR
94,01 EUR per 1

MightyHoop Starter Package HoopMaster

593,81 EUR
593,81 EUR per 1

New product


MightyHoop - Frame 330 x 108

213,01 EUR
213,01 EUR per 1
zuschnitt 20

Fleece pieces Bestprice-Fleece for...

15,90 EUR
15,90 EUR per 1